Friday, February 29, 2008

Upwards End of Season Celebration

On Tuesday night we had our Upwards basketball end of season ceremony. The kids really loved doing basketball. Bailey wants to keep doing it and Braxton is so ready for what starts tomorrow. The kids have their first baseball practice tomorrow morning. Chad and I were just thinking how nice it would be to have a Saturday morning to hang out,but I then received the call last night that the kids first baseball practice is tomorrow morning at 9!! No biggie we definately like them to be active so it will be fun to start a new season. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


ptamom3 said...

Bailey looks so tall next to most of the others. Sounds like you are one busy mama! Our softball (for Samantha) started here 2 weeks ago. Our first game is next Saturday. Once again I couldn't say no- so I'm the team mom :)
P.S. I subbed today for our PE coach, it was tiring- but extremely good for my fitness routine so it was a great day!
Hope you are feeling great- Have a fun weekend!

The Phams said...

Wow! Braxton looks just like Gunner in that picture - but with darker hair! WoW!!!

How sweet of your grandparents. You are truly blessed. Hope you are feeling well!