Monday, February 11, 2008

Basketball stars!!

Bailey and Braxton are playing on an Upwards basketball team together and Chad is there coach. They have improved so much from the first day of practice. They had another game this past Saturday and they did great. Brax scored not only his first basket but he scored 4 baskets!! And Bailey scored 3. They were so excited cause their Papa and Ms. Arda (Chad's dad and his wife!) were there cheering them on so it made it extra special. I am so proud of them!!


ptamom3 said...

Great Job to Bailey & Braxton. They must be getting those athletic genes from their mom :) Bailey looks just like you Steph- very adorable! Just think this time next year they will have a new little family member cheering them on to victory!

justgottalaugh said...

Such cute pictures!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Cute pics! My husband and I are a wee bit too competitive for that upward league. I'm all about keeping score and yelling things like, "GET HIM...KNOCK HIM DOWN...STEAL THE BALL...SHOW THEM WHAT REAL GIRLS ARE MADE OF BABY!!!" you get the idea. I know I know, my husband is a children's pastor. It's just not right I'm telling you. I'm thinking a prayer before the game would just steal my thunder!!!