Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Marathon Weekend.

This past weekend we went to Florida again. We went so Chad could participate in the Disney Marathon for the 4th time. He has been training all year to do this 26.2 mile race. I am so proud of him having the endurance to do these types of races. I have never been a runner. I really admire people who do it. I know you have to have a drive to be a runner. I have never had that drive. I know I need to exercise to keep my weight down but long distance running has never been my thing. So anyway back to Chad's big accomplishment.

He did the marathon this year with his mom and his sister, Kitty. Besides Chad accomplishing this amazing feat, this was Chad's mom's first marathon and Kitty just had a baby 3 months ago. Just amazing!!!! They all did an amazing job despite the Florida heat. This is my 3rd year spectating the race which is quite an adventure. The marathon course goes through all of the Disney parks and you have to get at certain viewing areas at just the right times so you can see your "runners". I managed to see Chad a couple of times and then at the finish. Joining me in the spectating adventure was Casey,Westin, Clinton and Amy. It is nice to have someone with you to chat with while you are waiting to see the amazing runners pass by. So hats off to Chad, Kitty, Pat and everyone else that did the marathon. I admire you!!
(p.s. Jess--I kept thinking you were going to come around that corner at mile 9-you were in my thoughts-miss you!!)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Vacation!!