Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quick trip to Florida

This past weekend we made a very quick trip down to Florida. We were going down to see the house we are going to move into in May. Yes we are moving back to Florida-it is very bittersweet. I really love Georgia and totally love our property and having family(really really love this!!) on it as well but there is nothing like having BeBe(and family) and Papa(and family) and Gram within a quick drive after many many many long discussions we are making the move at the end of May. We have already found someone to buy our house and we have already found a house to rent in the beautiful town of Harmony. So anyway we went down to Florida to take a peak at it. It is absolutely gorgeous. Here are a couple pics from the house. (more to come on the move at another time)

And see my mom and my grandmother.

We also were able to see my brother play baseball too!!


Jennifer said...

Oh wow, what a couple of weeks away from blogging will do! I'm sure you're sad to leave Georgia. But we are happy to have you back in St. Cloud! Is Chad going back to Harmony?

ptamom3 said...

Steffanie, The house looks great.. I'm sure you will love being back by your family (and lots of babysitters-lol)... but we'll miss ya here. I hope things work out great for you! It was nice to "talk" to you the other day on skype- that is so neat- I wish more people were on it.