Thursday, March 5, 2009

February Highlights

Ok my long lost readers-I am not blogging as often as I would like but it's all about quality not quantity right? So here is the first of a few highlights from February!!

We had made a quick trip down to Florida (see next post) and when we returned on Sunday and had been receiving weather reports just about hourly from my dear sis-in-law-she is the local weather girl on Ansbaugh Acres. Well she was giving us the snow update and so by the time we got back it was dark still so we didnt know what to expect.

Here is what was left of it on the sign when we pulled in on Sunday night.

Here was Braxton Monday morning ready to go.

Here they are in the blizzard-lol!!

What a doll!!

Here's Braxton ready to brave the snow or what was left of it anyway).

So needless to say we didnt get to see the best of the snowfall but they were happy to at least see something!!


justgottalaugh said...

Speaking fo weather reports... I'm sad to say that the forcast for Sunday is down to 77 so we won't be seeing those 80's just yet but moving onto the traffic report....