Friday, February 29, 2008

Upwards End of Season Celebration

On Tuesday night we had our Upwards basketball end of season ceremony. The kids really loved doing basketball. Bailey wants to keep doing it and Braxton is so ready for what starts tomorrow. The kids have their first baseball practice tomorrow morning. Chad and I were just thinking how nice it would be to have a Saturday morning to hang out,but I then received the call last night that the kids first baseball practice is tomorrow morning at 9!! No biggie we definately like them to be active so it will be fun to start a new season. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

What a wonderful day!!

Today was just absolutely wonderful. The kids went with me for my doctor's appt. I am 13 weeks now and so we were able to hear the heartbeat. Boy, was that music to my ears. The dr and I explained to the kids the sound and why it sounded that way. They were excited. I was so happy!! My next appt will be in 5 weeks and we are going to have the sonogram at that point. We have decided once again to not find out if it's a boy or a girl. It was such an amazing surprise with both kids I really didnt think too much about wanting to know this time. Anyway back to our day. After the very easy and quick(how many times can you say that?) dr's appt we went to THE MALL. I had only been in this mall once before and it was a very quick trip so I really wasnt able to get a good picture of it. Boy what a mall!! Two stories of every store you can think of. My mission today was a few maternity pieces of clothing. I am at that point where anything I have would fit but not in a good way. You know how at some point in your life you have those favortie jeans that you want to wear-well you have to lay on the bed suck in your breath like there is not tomorrow............well it's like that except there is no air to get rid of-it's baby air and that is not going anywhere soooo I am moving into the elastic , feels like heaven- stage of the pregnancy. So we went into Motherhood-which has every article of clothing in every size for every pregnant woman. I succeeded in getting the basics until I get to Florida in March and am able to gain some more clothes from an amazing friend that is letting me borrow all her baby stuff since I kept nothing from either child. (Thanks Jonatha-you are amazing!!!) So anyway we shopped and ate at the food court. Which although it was Wendy's it was the "food court" , in which I havent been to a food court at a mall in years. After lunch we then ventured on to grocery shop. It was an amazing day. The kids were just awesome. They are both at such good ages that we were just able to sit and laugh and have a great time. I did miss my "down time" (aka kids nap time) so I am pooped. Thanks for letting me share this great day!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Storm...

Not to overlook this by posting the addition of the new family pet but we had one doozy of a storm on Sunday night. We knew we were supposed to get some thunderstorms which we have lived through plenty of those living in Florida. We have survived many hurricanes so we are used to the storm part, but here in Georgia we hever thought we would have to concern ourselves with tornadoes. Well we lost power around 5:30-6ish and it was off for 8 hours. We turned on the radio to get the weather report around 6 and they said there was tornado that touched down in Butler, where Chad works and was headed for another town just east of us. Well between point A and point B was us. We began to worry and were prepared to go to our "safe area" in the house immediately. The lightning was like someone had a strobe light outside-I had never seen anything like it. The only way we could tell if the wind was getting crazy was from the lightning-we could use the light to look up at the pine trees. Well we never felt that it was close enough to us. We had people from church calling us to make sure we were ok. We really had no idea that the tornado hit just miles from us. When the kids and I went into town yesterday to go to the bank we saw the devastation just minutes from our house. It was amazing. I believe there were 8 structures damaged 3 of which were peoples homes. Only 2 people critically injured in our county. This same line of storms did terrible devastation to Alabama on Sunday also. We were so thankful to be safe. Our prayers go out to those that lost their homes from these storms.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well folks we have a new member to the Ansbaugh family. I know my counter is 200 days and counting but we just couldnt wait. We got a dog!! We have been talking about it for months and Chad and the kids have been ready since we moved here,I was just a little hesistant due to the fact that we traveled a lot over the summer when we moved here and then it was football coaching season for Chad and although the joy it would bring to my kids I wanted it to be a family effort to take care of the dog. Soooooo on Wednesday this stray dog walked into the gym at Chad's school while he was teaching. He said he had a feeling about this dog because when he and the kids were trying to shoo it off-it just wanted to play and was not scared. Chad knew he had a long day and wouldnt be able to do anything with the dog all day so he just forgot about it and didnt think about it again. Well on Thursday and teacher at his school came up and asked him if he would be interested in having a dog for his family. He told her we are always talking about it but just havent commited to getting one yet. Well she explained that there was a dog at school yesterday and she took it to a friends house that worked for the Humane's Society and the friend said he would pay for it to be spayed and get all it's shots if we wanted it.(which is another reason why we were hesitant about getting a dog because of the initial expense) So it ended up being the same dog Chad saw on Wednesday and he knew it was meant to be our dog. So he brought it home on Friday and the rest is history. It will mainly be an outside dog-Chad built a pen for her outside but if it gets too cold we will bring her in. Chad and Bailey took her to the vet on Monday and they said she is 6-8 months and could be full grown which is great because she really isnt that big. We have to take her back in 3 weeks for the "spayed" procedure. Chad has trained her to sit and lay down and when we are in the yard she will stay in the main yard without a leash. Oh by the way her name is JAG-Bailey named her because she thinks her stripes/coloring looks like a jaguar!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Thought......

Yesterday Bailey was asking me about the little Valentine guy that shoots arrows. I told her that his name was Cupid and he is a little imaginary character that shoots arrows to make people fall in love. Well Braxton thought for a second and said the most astounding thing. He said "I think army guys should have those arrows so the bad people will be in love!!!" Isnt a four year old's perspective just so refreshing??? Happy Valentine's Day!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Basketball stars!!

Bailey and Braxton are playing on an Upwards basketball team together and Chad is there coach. They have improved so much from the first day of practice. They had another game this past Saturday and they did great. Brax scored not only his first basket but he scored 4 baskets!! And Bailey scored 3. They were so excited cause their Papa and Ms. Arda (Chad's dad and his wife!) were there cheering them on so it made it extra special. I am so proud of them!!

Where did that week go??

When I woke up this morning I was just so happy because I really had it set in my mind that I was 12 weeks along today. Then when I realized when I turned on my computer this morning that I am actually 11 weeks. I guess I am just really wanting this first trimester to be over. I dont want to rush anything that is going on in making this new Ansbaugh but just want to get to that 13th week. I even told Chad that today was 12 weeks and even someone at church last night. Where did that week go?? I must be losing more brain cells with this new little creation!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008


I know this is a couple days late since Groundhog's Day was on Saturday. But the infamous Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow in Pennsylvania on Saturday morning so according to the old wives tale there is supposed to be 6 more weeks of winter. Well I beg to differ. On this 4th day of February it is just gorgeous here in beautiful middle Georgia. I think the high today was 75 and tomorrow supposed to hit 80. I definately needed some warm weather to make it feel like Florida again. Dont get me wrong I love living in Georgia but my first winter has been intersting to adjust to. So a few days of warmth every now and again is just fine by me!! (It is supposed to in the low 60's the rest of the week-so it's not so bad the rest of the week either!!) By the way the groundhog in Georgia (his name is "The General")did not see his shadow. So I am all for that little fellow being the national groundhog!!!

Super News!!

I apologize for the hiatus in blogging but just havent felt myself lately. Why, you ask???? Well........................there is going to be another Ansbaugh entering the world around September 1!! I am pregnant!!! We are so excited-the kids are so excited!! I am 10 weeks today!! I have been feeling very hormonal the last couple of weeks. It has been an all day sickness so that is why I have been so lazy with my posting. It is starting to fade a little bit so housework is starting to get done again. (I'm sure Chad is thankful for that!!) I have also been very picky in what I have been eating too. It is so interesting how each pregnancy has been so different. When we told the kids a couple of weeks ago, Braxton woke up the next morning and said if it's a girl we should name her Twinkle, and Bailey said Betsy!! Kids are too cute!!